Review: A Genuine Passive Income Opportunity

Are you in search of a simple way to earn extra income online, especially if you have a fast internet connection? Look no further than (formerly known as IPRoyal Pawns), a platform that allows you to monetize your unused internet bandwidth. But before diving in, the big question remains – is a legitimate and lucrative source of passive income, or is it just another online scam?

It’s crucial to address this right away.

Yes,, also known as IPRoyal, is indeed a legitimate Get-Paid-To (GPT) platform that compensates you for sharing your internet connection (payment proof will be provided later). However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’s the right choice for you.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into all the essential details, enabling you to make an informed decision about whether or not to sign up.


What is / IPRoyal, and What Does it Offer?

Let’s clear up any confusion right from the start. Originally named IPRoyal Pawns, the platform has undergone rebranding and now goes by the official name Whether you’ve heard of IPRoyal Pawns or, it’s the same platform, just with a fresh identity. is a GPT website that compensates you for sharing your internet connection with its clients, similar to Honeygain, another platform with a similar concept.

Full review on Honeygain Here.

Please note that if you visit, you won’t find a sign-up option for earning. The main site is designed for clients seeking to purchase services. To earn, you must visit

This review focuses on’s earning opportunities and its potential as a source of income.

Option 1 – Sharing your Internet Connection

The primary source of earnings on this platform stems from sharing your internet connection. This method offers a passive income stream that requires minimal effort once set up.

Technically, IPRoyal (the company behind Pawns) provides proxy services to third-party entities, allowing them to pay you for your bandwidth. Your unused bandwidth serves various purposes, including enhancing testing processes, accessing geo-blocked content, and monitoring ad performance.

To begin earning passively, you need to install the program on your chosen device. Initially, it was compatible only with Windows-based computers, but it has since expanded to Mac, Android, iOS, CLI, and Docker. Once installed, the program can run in the background, earning you money.

Keep in mind that when the program is active, your internet connection may experience slower speeds due to bandwidth allocation. However, the extent of the slowdown depends on your device and connection. You can easily close the program if you need uninterrupted bandwidth for specific tasks.

Earnings are calculated at $0.20 per gigabyte of data shared, with an additional $0.02 per GB for every hour the program runs continuously. The dashboard displays your accumulated earnings, and withdrawals are discussed later in the review.

It’s worth noting that installing the program on multiple devices within the same network/IP address is not recommended. If you wish to use it on multiple devices, consider connecting them to different IP addresses, such as your mobile connection.

Option 2 – Affiliate Program

In addition to earning from bandwidth sharing, offers an affiliate program. By inviting others to join the site using your referral link, you can earn commissions. When someone becomes your referral and withdraws earnings from the platform, you receive a 10% commission. Furthermore, new members who join through an invitation link can receive a $1 one-time bonus, which you can obtain by signing up through our invitation link at the end of this review.

Option 3 – Paid Surveys has recently introduced paid online surveys, a somewhat unconventional addition for a platform primarily focused on unused bandwidth sharing. The platform offers a decent selection of paid surveys, though availability may vary by country. Engaging in paid surveys can significantly boost your earnings.


How Do You Get Paid?

Earnings from bandwidth sharing and completed surveys accumulate in your account balance. You can request a payout once your balance reaches $5, which is a relatively low threshold compared to similar sites.

Payment methods include PayPal, Bitcoin, and virtual gift cards. The specific gift card options depend on your country. While some payout methods incur processing fees, others do not. For instance, PayPal withdrawals are subject to a 4% fee, which some users might find high. Despite the absence of Payoneer, still offers convenient payment options.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As mentioned earlier, rewards you with $0.20 for every gigabyte of unused bandwidth shared, with potential bonuses for extended program usage. Although $0.20 per gigabyte might seem modest, it can accumulate over time, resulting in a decent income.

Earnings, however, depend on factors such as your location and network speed. Users with high-speed internet connections have a greater chance of selling more bandwidth. Countries like the US and European nations tend to have higher earning potential. Engaging in paid surveys and referring others can also significantly boost your earnings.

On average, claims that users can earn anywhere from $5 to $140 per month through passive income methods, making it a potentially lucrative opportunity, especially in certain regions.

Can You Use it on Mobile?

Originally designed for laptops and desktops, has now developed Android and iOS apps, allowing users to earn on mobile devices. These apps are available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can use the program on both mobile and desktop devices simultaneously, provided each device is connected to a different network/IP address.

Who Can Join is accessible globally, but you must meet the legal age requirement of your official address country to join. Keep in mind that opportunities and earning potential may vary by country.

Can You Get Support? offers multiple support options to address your queries. Their FAQ page provides answers to common questions and comprehensive explanations about the platform’s safety measures.

If you require further assistance, you can contact their support team through the contact form on their website or by emailing them at While they do offer various means of support, response times can vary, so be prepared for occasional delays.


Final Verdict

In summary, is a legitimate GPT site that offers the opportunity to monetize your unused bandwidth and participate in paid surveys. It presents interesting features but also comes with some limitations.


  • Passive income opportunity
  • Low $5 payout threshold
  • Convenient payment methods (PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards)


  • Possible internet slowdown during program usage
  • Variability in support response times

If you’re seeking a way to generate passive income or accelerate earnings by taking surveys, is worth considering. Its low payout threshold allows for quick withdrawals, and the platform offers user-friendly payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.

Please keep in mind that earning potential may differ by location, with higher potential in certain countries.

How to Join?

If you’re ready to join and explore its earning opportunities, simply click the link below. By signing up through our link, you’ll receive a $1 joining bonus. The registration process is straightforward and takes less than a minute to complete. Once registered, you can log in, download the program, and start earning right away.

Sign up to Here!


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