MacKeeper Review 2023: Is It the Right Mac Security Suite for You?

Introduction: Are you in search of a reliable security suite for your Mac in 2023? Look no further! Our comprehensive MacKeeper review will help you make an informed decision. We’ll delve into its antivirus capabilities, adware protection, ID theft guard, VPN, and other features to determine if it’s the right choice for safeguarding your Mac.

MacKeeper: A Brief Overview MacKeeper is a Mac-exclusive security suite designed to protect your system from malware, adware, and privacy threats while optimizing its performance. Let’s take a closer look at its key features and performance.

Antivirus Scanner: MacKeeper’s antivirus engine boasts impressive malware detection capabilities, successfully identifying 99% of malware samples during our testing. However, it lacks anti-phishing protection, which could be considered a drawback.

Adware Cleaner: The Adware Cleaner efficiently detects and removes adware, providing real-time monitoring to keep your Mac ad-free. It’s a valuable addition to MacKeeper’s arsenal.

ID Theft Guard: MacKeeper’s ID Theft Guard monitors email addresses for data breaches, alerting you immediately if any security threats are detected. This feature sets MacKeeper apart from many competitors.

VPN Private Connect: MacKeeper’s integrated VPN, Private Connect, offers unlimited data, robust encryption, and a global server network. While it provides fast speeds and reliable performance, its data privacy policy could be more transparent.

StopAd: StopAd, an ad and tracker blocker, enhances your online privacy by preventing ads and trackers from following your online activity. It’s a useful addition to MacKeeper’s security suite.

Safe Cleanup: MacKeeper’s Safe Cleanup feature efficiently scans and removes junk files, including email attachments, freeing up valuable disk space. However, users should exercise caution when deleting files, as the process lacks detailed warnings.

Duplicates Finder: Duplicates Finder identifies and helps you manage duplicate files, photos, and screenshots. While user-friendly, it requires manual review before deletion.

Smart Uninstaller: The Smart Uninstaller simplifies the removal of unused applications and plugins, enhancing system performance. It offers an effective way to declutter your Mac, but it could benefit from clearer guidelines on what not to delete.


Memory Cleaner: Unlocking Your Mac’s Potential

Are you looking to supercharge your Mac’s performance? Look no further than Memory Cleaner, an essential tool within MacKeeper’s comprehensive security suite. This feature unveils the secrets of your Mac’s RAM usage, helping you free up occupied memory to improve your device’s overall performance.

Memory Management Made Easy

Upon testing Memory Cleaner, we found that a significant portion of our RAM was occupied, leaving minimal available memory. This allocation constantly fluctuates, sometimes varying by as much as 100 MB in mere seconds.

In the Memory Usage section, you can view detailed insights into how memory is being utilized and hit the “Clean Memory” button to clear it. While this action initially freed up nearly 3 GB of memory, it quickly reverted to previous levels, offering no substantial performance improvement.

Apps & Processes Analysis

Within the Apps & Processes section, you gain a comprehensive breakdown of applications consuming the most memory. The best part? MacKeeper safeguards critical processes, preventing accidental closure.

However, some grayed-out applications and processes, though potentially important, can still be closed, creating confusion. We suggest clearer in-app explanations and warnings about the risks of closing certain processes.


Exploring MacKeeper’s Additional Features

Beyond Memory Cleaner, MacKeeper offers a host of additional features to enhance your Mac’s performance and security.

1. Update Tracker

Update Tracker scans your applications for necessary updates, a vital step in preventing vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. However, it may not detect all required updates, as we experienced with the Spotify app.

2. Login Items

Streamline your startup experience with Login Items, which reviews and manages applications that load during startup. While we found value in this feature, it didn’t significantly impact our startup time.

3. Find & Fix

Find & Fix serves as a comprehensive scan of all MacKeeper features, highlighting security and performance issues across four categories: Security, Cleaning, Privacy, and Performance. You can easily manage and fix these concerns.

MacKeeper Plans & Pricing

MacKeeper offers two plans: a free version with limited features and a paid plan with full functionality. The paid plan comes in three subscription options, including monthly and annual plans for single or multiple Macs. All features are included in all paid plans, making MacKeeper unique in this regard.

MacKeeper provides a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Make sure to try it out!

MacKeeper Ease of Use and Setup

Setting up MacKeeper is a breeze, taking less than two minutes. The intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and quick activation of features. However, some features could benefit from clearer explanations for users.

MacKeeper Mobile App

Please note that MacKeeper is exclusively available for macOS. If you need antivirus protection across multiple devices, consider alternatives like Norton, Bitdefender, or TotalAV.

MacKeeper Customer Support

MacKeeper offers various customer support options, including 24/7 live chat and email support. Live chat is highly responsive and helpful, although it operates primarily in English. Email support, while friendly, may require improvement in response times.

Is MacKeeper Worth the Price in 2023?

MacKeeper offers a range of security and performance-enhancing features, excelling in antivirus protection and device cleanup. While it may lack certain security features like a password manager and firewall, its user-friendly interface and responsive customer support make it a viable choice.

However, the pricing may deter budget-conscious consumers, especially when more affordable options with similar or better features exist.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can MacKeeper be trusted?
    • Yes, MacKeeper can be trusted. Recent improvements have enhanced both the software and its reputation.

  • Does MacKeeper protect against malware?
    • Absolutely, MacKeeper provides robust protection against various types of malware.

  • Is there a MacKeeper free trial?
    • No, MacKeeper does not offer a free trial, but a limited free version is available.

  • Does MacKeeper offer a mobile app?
    • No, MacKeeper is exclusively for macOS.

  • Is MacKeeper’s VPN suitable for streaming?
    • Yes, MacKeeper’s VPN is suitable for basic streaming needs.

In summary, MacKeeper is a solid choice for Mac security and optimization. Its antivirus and adware protection excel, and it offers valuable extras like ID theft monitoring and a user-friendly VPN.

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