Discovering Hideout.tv: A Platform for Video Viewing and Rewards

Hideout.tv stands as a video viewing platform, offering a diverse range of content including cooking demonstrations, music videos, eSports highlights, and other favorites. In addition to entertainment, viewers have the opportunity to earn rewards from trusted loyalty partners.

Hideout.tv‘s functionalities encompass:

Browsing: Users can explore channels and videos, selecting content to watch.

Engaging: Interaction possibilities include liking, providing feedback, subscribing, and sharing on social media.

Reacting: Users can express their sentiments by choosing an emoji that resonates with their feelings about a video.

Earning: Points are earned by watching videos and advertisements on the platform.

Comparable to YouTube, Hideout.tv takes a more discerning approach in accepting creators into its program.

A crucial requirement for participation is that users must be aged 13 or older.

Diverse Video Channel Offerings

Hideout.tv offers an array of video categories catering to varied interests:

  • Adventure
  • Celebrity
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Laughs
  • Movies
  • Tech Talk
  • Music
  • And many more

Getting Started on Hideout.tv

Presently, Hideout.tv is accessible via its website and a basic Android app. The sign-up process involves the following steps:

  1. Download the app from Google Play.
  2. Grant permissions for Hideout TV to access device media and files.
  3. Access the Dashboard upon opening the app, then click “My Account” at the lower right corner.
  4. Choose between signing in or creating an account.
  5. For new account creation, you’ll be redirected to the Hideout.tv website.
  6. Sign up using options like Facebook, Google, or manual entry.
  7. To manually fill in information, provide a username, email, password, accept captcha, and agree to terms.
  8. Close the browser and reopen Hideout.tv app.
  9. Enter your new account details in the app.
  10. You’re now registered and can begin accumulating loyalty points.

Earning Points on Hideout.tv

Several avenues exist for earning loyalty points on Hideout.tv:

  • Watching Videos: All videos on the platform yield rewards points, usually around 3.3 points per video.
  • Entering Promo Codes: A daily promo code can be redeemed under the “Rewards” button for up to 9 points.
  • Referring Friends: A tiered reward system applies to referrals, ranging from 10% to 15% of their earnings. These rewards need manual addition to your balance.

Becoming a Content Creator

Hideout.tv highly values content creators who can benefit from increased exposure, engagement opportunities, and distinctive payouts. Adscend Media staff assess creator approval, content quality, and adherence to brand-safety standards.

Benefits of joining Hideout.tv include:

  • Earnings for video views
  • Access to a global audience
  • Custom channel with bio and promotion links
  • Feedback reviews for content improvement
  • More features coming soon

Content guidelines prohibit nudity, pornography, sexual content, violence, and hate speech. Limited profanity is allowed, but censoring is encouraged.

Creators need to sign up for free to join the program.

Earning Potential as a Content Creator

Earnings for content creators depend on tiers determined by performance on other platforms and potential for engaging content. Tiers include Classic Creator, Classic Creator Plus, and Featured Creator, each offering distinctive benefits and rewards.

Featured Creators can earn revenue based on views, get featured placement on the home page, and enjoy other promotional advantages.

Payments are based on the CPM (Cost Per Mile) model, offering a fixed amount per 1,000 views. PayPal is the payment method, with a minimum $50 earnings requirement.

Getting Paid on Hideout.tv

To receive payouts, users need to link with one of the loyalty rewards partners, such as TimebucksFreecashFinal Autoclaim, or Cointiply.

From my experience, Timebucks has the highest dollar conversion from Hideout.tv than any other get paid to site.

Once linked, users can select their payout option from the loyalty partner, ranging from gift cards to direct deposit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal, Skrill, AirTM and more.

Accumulated earnings are converted to the linked partner’s currency type before cashing out on the loyalty rewards site.

Pros and Cons of Hideout.tv


  • Unique and varied video content
  • Points earned for video views
  • Short video duration (around 3-4 minutes) (ie. search 1recette1minute)
  • You can mute ads or videos by muting the tab on the browser, mute the tv via remote, or mute your desktop / laptop if using OBS to watch amazon firestick videos


  • Earnings slow down daily after you reach a certain amount of hideout.co points
  • Have to periodically click if you are still there, once every few hours


Hideout.tv offers a feasible opportunity to earn a few dollars daily, with potential monthly earnings reaching $40-50. It provides a diverse array of video content coupled with a rewards system. Consider giving it a try to earn rewards while enjoying entertaining videos.


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