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Exploring A Legitimate Earning Opportunity is a prominent GPT (get-paid-to) platform that offers individuals the chance to earn money by completing diverse online tasks such as surveys, app testing, brand offers, betting, and more.

According to its official website, Freecash has distributed nearly $25 million in earnings to its members since its inception. Furthermore, the platform boasts an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars.


Formerly known as, Freecash underwent a rebranding process in 2021. Today, it stands as a popular survey website that presents multiple avenues for income generation.

For those familiar with survey sites like Branded Surveys or Grindabuck, Freecash should offer a user-friendly and recognizable experience.

A notable feature of the platform is its leaderboard section, showcasing the top earners and their earnings, providing a sense of achievement and competition among users.


The Legitimacy of Freecash

Freecash is undoubtedly a legitimate platform that rewards users for their participation in short online tasks and survey responses. With a substantial membership base, as attested on its website, and high ratings on platforms like Trustpilot, its credibility is evident.

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However, it’s important to set realistic expectations regarding earnings. While Freecash provides an avenue to earn, it typically yields only a few dollars per hour at most, making it unsuitable for substantial full-time income.


Having explored Freecash, I found the platform user-friendly and uncomplicated. I appreciated the array of ways available to accumulate rewards, although its survey options might be fewer than sites like Prolific or Branded Surveys. Nonetheless, the Offerwall section is robust, and the range of rewards, coupled with a $5 minimum payout threshold, enhances its appeal.

In summation, Freecash is a legitimate GPT site worthy of consideration. Yet, it’s vital to recognize that substantial earnings will likely require a significant time investment.

Ways to Earn Money (Steps)

Signing up for Freecash is a swift process, requiring around 30 seconds. The website’s straightforward layout is ideal for beginners.

Engaging with Freecash follows these seven fundamental steps:

1. Click the “sign up” button on to create an account. Enter your email, password, and username. Once you’re signed up, you can start earning rewards in your free time.

2. Go To the Rewards tab. Log in each day to collect up to $0.12 USD as a daily bonus. You can also try your luck and have a chance to double your earnings, up to $15.36 USD. To start with $0.12 USD, you must reach level 100 by completing offerwalls, surveys, playing games, and more.

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After collecting your daily bonus, you will be subject to a daily reset timer. If you do not wish to wait, simply complete surveys worth 1000 coins (equivalent to $1 USD) or more to receive an additional claim ticket.

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3. Answer Surveys: Participate in surveys, the most popular earning avenue on Freecash. Survey partners are accessible on the homepage, working alongside companies like CPX Research, BitLabs, and Pollfish. While initial options might appear limited, selecting a survey partner opens up a range of potential surveys.

4. Complete Offerwall Tasks: Freecash offers additional earnings through short tasks on the Offerwall. I recommend using Timewall, Lootably, and Adsend ( for consistent daily earnings. These tasks encompass watching ads, app testing, gaming for pay, brand promotion sign-ups, app downloads, and subscriptions. Task diversity ranges from trying new mobile games to experimenting with investment apps.

5. Keep your Daily Streak!: Earn at least $1 USD a day to keep your 7-day streak. Each day you can claim more rewards absolutely free! On Day 7, you can get luck and earn up to $50 USD! Don’t Skip any days (just like you don’t want to skip leg day).

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6. Refer Your Friends: Freecash’s referral program provides the opportunity for passive income. Referring friends grants you 5%-30% of their earnings, although a flat dollar bonus for faster cashout would be a preferable alternative. New users, however, receive a Free Case upon joining, akin to a “spin the wheel” reward.

7. Win Leaderboard Contests: Those leading the daily leaderboards will share a $500 bonus prize pool, and also participate in a monthly $5,000 reward prize pool shared amongst the top earners. While these contests offer a thrilling dimension to the platform, the competition is fierce, making substantial earnings a rarity for most users.

8. Enter Promo Codes: Freecash periodically releases promo codes via its social media platforms. These codes allow users to spin the rewards wheel for varying cash amounts. While not a guaranteed means of substantial earnings, it adds a touch of excitement.

9. Cash Out: Redeeming earnings is the final step. Freecash provides diverse reward options, including PayPal cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, gift cards for platforms like Spotify, Amazon, DoorDash, and more, as well as various in-game rewards. Crypto withdrawals start from $0.50, Stake withdrawals at $0.25. New Users need to make a minimum of $2 USD to withdraw funds for the first time.

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Watch Videos For Rewards

If you enjoy video content, explore our partnership with This platform hosts a plethora of videos. See the full Review on click Here. The beautiful thing is, that the point conversion from to Freecash is the highest than any other platform I have tested.

Hot Tip #1 – Optimize Ad Cash

To make the most from the video ads, play it on the Amazon Firestick/tv (the most money) and open a separate web browser window. You can then use those hideout points and convert them to hard money in Freecash (link your Freecash account to

Hot Tip #2 – Utilize OBS

You can play the Amazon Firestick on OBS from your laptop/desktop instead of tv.

For detailed instructions on setting up Amazon Firestick on OBS click Here.

Hot Tip #3 – Loot.Tv

Another money maker is Same thing as Hideout, put a window on your web browser and make money passively from the ads. (Don’t skip them). 

Hot Tip #4 – Ads You Like = More Revenue

I noticed clicking on ads you are interested in from Hideout and may show you more ads and result in more ad revenue for you as well! 

How much can you earn on Freecash?

While Freecash suggests an earning potential of $1 every 5-10 minutes ($6-12 per hour), this projection assumes a constant flow of tasks, which isn’t always the case. The site indicates an average daily user earning of $8.50, but this figure can be skewed by exceptional earners.

Based on my experience, Freecash typically yields around $2 – $3.33 per day ($60-$100 per month) with moderate engagement. The potential to earn increases with dedicated effort, but casual use won’t result in substantial returns.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Free Registration: The platform is accessible without cost.
  • Global Reach: Freecash is available in multiple countries.
  • Diverse Rewards: The array of rewards is impressive.
  • Multiple Earning Avenues: Freecash offers various ways to accumulate rewards.
  • Leaderboard Contests: Exciting contests with substantial prizes.


  • Limited Survey Options: Fewer survey opportunities compared to some competitors.
  • Banning Concerns: Reports of users being banned without explanation.

Final Verdict is a legitimate rewards platform with unique offerings. While the survey section might lack compared to certain competitors, its robust Offerwall compensates for this drawback. Understanding that substantial earnings require considerable effort, Freecash is a viable option for generating extra income in your spare time.


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