Final Auto Claim Review

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What is Final Auto Claim?

Final Auto Claim is your gateway to earning cryptocurrency effortlessly. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the platform’s diverse earning opportunities, helping you decide if it’s the right fit for your financial goals.

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Is Final Auto Claim Worth Your Time and Effort?

Undoubtedly, Final Auto Claim stands as a legitimate crypto faucet site, where you can earn cryptocurrency without any investment. However, the real question is whether it’s worth your valuable time. To make an informed decision, let’s explore its various earning avenues through our Final Auto Claim Review:


1. Offerwalls

One route to crypto riches on Final Auto Claim is through offerwalls, which are advertising platforms that host paid offers. I recommend using Timewall, Lootably, and Adsend ( for consistent daily earnings. These tasks encompass watching ads, app testing, gaming for pay, brand promotion sign-ups, app downloads, and subscriptions. Task diversity ranges from trying new mobile games to experimenting with investment apps.

2. Shortlinks

Claiming shortlinks offers a straightforward way to earn rewards. However, during testing, multiple instances of antivirus warnings arose due to potential security threats on linked pages. Exercise caution when engaging in this earning method to safeguard your device. Nevertheless, it is a great way to rack up some experience points to get up the levels for the additional auto faucet and offerwall bonuses.

3. Coin Roll Games

Participating in coin roll games on Final Auto Claim is an uncomplicated way to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. Though the returns are modest, it requires minimal effort and can be done every 30 minutes.

4. Crypto Mining: For the Extra Earnings

Final Auto Claim offers a mining feature, but it comes with significant drawbacks. Mining can strain your computer’s GPU. However, if you have good graphics cards, you can mine a decent amount of DUTCH that can be used towards your auto faucet. All you need to do is keep the computer running. I personally have it running 24/7 and received over 20mil DUTCHY as of the time of writing (over a span of roughly 4-6 months). The amount you earn is dependent on your type of graphics card.

5. Contests

The platform hosts daily, weekly, and referral contests, offering bonus prizes in DUTCHY tokens to top earners. If you excel in these contests, you can expect substantial rewards.

6. Social Jobs

Final Auto Claim offers social jobs that require completing tasks on specific websites and submitting evidence. However, the number of available tasks is limited, and the rewards are relatively small, making it a less lucrative option.

7. Staking: Passive Earnings

Staking allows you to earn interest by depositing cryptocurrencies, similar to putting money in a bank. You can receive a decent return staking SPACE and adding funds to the LP pool. There is no commitment, and funds can be pulled immediately. Furthermore, some SPACE is staked on-chain, where you could keep your SPACE in your wallet while receiving high returns without giving up custody of the staked tokens. Nice!

By investing in Space token pools, not only do you get to collect interest, but you will also receive up to 100% auto claim rewards, a +20% staking bonus, and -20% gift card discount bonus.

If you add funds to the LP pool, you will receive up to +100% roll reward bonus, +100% short link bonus, and +20% offerwall bonus. LPs can be on different chains (ie. BSC, Polygon, FTM, etc).


8. Referral Program

Invite others to join Final Auto Claim through the referral program and earn commissions (10-14%) from their activities.

9. Turn on the Auto Claim faucet

While earning DUTCHY tokens, you can put them to good use to mine 78 different crypto coins simultaneously. Set your refresh rate, multiplier, and the coins you want to mine, and let it run. The crypto will drop into your wallets after every refresh for easy withdrawal! Fully automated.

HOT TIP: There is an auto faucet bonus of 20% on weekends. Make sure to utilize it!

dutchy coins

10. Cashout

Final Auto Claim offers various payment methods, converting your earnings into DUTCHY tokens that can be traded for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Keep in mind that there are transaction fees associated with converting tokens, and withdrawal thresholds vary based on your chosen cryptocurrency.

You could withdraw directly to your wallet (I prefer to connect to my Metamask wallet where I hold my Space Tokens). All you need to do is go to My Wallet and choose the coin you want to withdraw. Watch out for Balance Status, as it tells you if the coins are readily available. I prefer to withdraw in BTC or Space Tokens as funds are almost always available.

You could also cash out in gift cards using your excess DUTCHY. The gift card prices vary depending on your level (max is 1000) and how much you have staked in LP and liquidity pools. The gift card variety is large, and you could even receive VISA and MASTERCARD cash cards to spend on whatever you like.

11. Earning Potential

It’s crucial to set realistic expectations; Final Auto Claim isn’t a path to riches. While the platform offers ways to increase earnings through membership upgrades, with some offerwall work, autofaucet claims, you can make a reasonable earning amount. The main priority is to keep enough DUTCHY in your account to keep the autofaucet rolling.

12. Mobile Accessibility

Final Auto Claim lacks a dedicated mobile app, but its mobile-optimized website allows convenient access. However, frequent pop-up ads can hinder your mobile experience, making it somewhat inconvenient. Use a desktop or tablet for a better user experience! I typically only do coin rolls and PTC Wall ads on a mobile phone for convenience.

13. Global Access and Support

Final Auto Claim welcomes members worldwide with a straightforward registration process. For support, a FAQ page addresses common queries, and a contact form facilitates direct communication with their support team, ensuring members receive assistance when needed.

14. Memberships

If you are serious about earning more through Final Auto Claim, you may consider purchasing a membership.

Acquiring a membership, you will receive several benefits. My favorite is that you will remove captchas, fewer roll popups, and use Cloudflare instead. Your quality of life will improve. Trust me.

If you are making bank, the $40 increased daily withdrawal from $25 is also a bonus.

There are 3 membership levels: Siver, Gold, and Platinum

Daily Withdrawal$30$35$40
No Popups on Roll Games
x markcheckmarkcheckmark
All Multipliers Unlocked
x markx markcheckmark
Exclusive Daily Roll Gamecheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Higher Referral Payouts1.25x1.5x2x
Offerwalls Referral Payouts1.1x1.2x1.4x
Exchange Fee4%2%1%
Staking Claims XP+50%+100%+150%
Exchange Claims XP$50$100$200
Exchange Daily Limit$50$100$200
PTC Tokens for Subscribing 1 Month3006001200
Price (Monthly) $1.80$5.40$10.80

Final Verdict: Worth a Try!

DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet

Final Auto Claim offers an opportunity to explore cryptocurrency earnings, but managing expectations is essential. Earnings are modest, but if you keep at it by focusing on running the auto faucet and gaining levels, you can make some extra money. Consider your goals, as well as dedicate some time and resources to this platform. Based on personal experience, earnings of approximately 7-10 USD per day were attainable through select tasks. Ultimately, your experience may vary, so it’s worth trying out for yourself!


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